SAX club and lounge in abu dhabi

Things to do at Night in Abu Dhabi – SAX Club

The nightlife in Abu Dhabi is well known as it is a high-spirited city with a lot of destinations to visit. However, when it comes to encountering an authentic culture-type ambience for cuisine, and music under one roof, Sax Club stands out as an unparalleled destination.

Our Club is one of the best Lebanese night clubs in Abu Dhabi which delivers an amazing atmosphere that engages partygoers in the rich cultural heritage of Lebanon. From classic décor highlighting extravagant Arabic patterns to warm lighting that sets the mood completely.

One cannot talk about our Club without mentioning our outstanding Lebanese cuisine. Our club’s menu demonstrates a vast arrangement of flavorful dishes prepared by highly professional chefs who bring authentic flavors from Lebanon right to your plate. Yield in delicious mezze platters filled with hummus, tabbouleh, and falafel or savor succulent grilled meats flavored with scented spices, each bite will take you directly to Beirut.

When it comes to living entertainment, live music takes the main focus on event nights. Popular local artists perform enchanting versions of popular Lebanese music while making a full-of-energy atmosphere that keeps guests enchanted throughout the whole experience. At our Luxury Nightclub Abu Dhabi, treating the guests well is the first priority, making sure every customer feels greeted and valued from the minute they step through the doors and even until they leave as we aim at ensuring our guest’s satisfaction after an extraordinary experience.

Last, For those searching for a total drenching into everything Lebanese, from culture and food to music, there could be no other spot better compared to our Club in Abu Dhabi. The blend of our decent environment, a mix of Middle Eastern energies and modern touch, satisfying Lebanese cooking, and astounding live performances and DJs playing make an experience that is out and out wonderful. Set yourself up to be shipped to the core of Lebanon with SAX club, known to be one of the good nightclubs in Abu Dhabi.